What we did:

  • Created a multi-dimensional graphic that increases any individual point’s accessibility
  • Constructed a user-friendly interface that also sectionalizes specific areas and time frames of the chart
  • Designed a visually appealing web application that concisely organizes an expansive set of data

How to interpret Schlumberger layered heat maps:

  • The maps should be viewed from the bottom left corner (first data point) to the upper right corner
  • Time progresses linearly and continuously from left to right within a row and from the right end of a row to the left end of the row directly above the aforementioned row
  • Clicking and dragging the cursor to select areas of the chart magnifies that section of the chart. Double-clicking reverses this action
  • Hovering over a specific cell displays information regarding the timestamp and outputted sensor value at that time

Pressure (ESP)

Downhole pressure. Delta pressure (P1 - P2) is used to calculate the Liquid Rate (Venturi flow meter)

Water Cut (IC)

The ratio of water produced compared to the volume of total liquids produced


  • Electric Submersible Pump (ESP): Equipment used in wells deeper than 12,000 feet to increase the flow of liquids when reservoirs no longer have sufficient energy to naturally produce.
  • Intelligent Completions (IC): ICs incoporate permanent downhole sensors and surface-controlled downhole flow control values, enabling you to monitor, evaluate, and actively manage production (or injection) in real time.
  • Variable Speed Driver (VSD): VSDs control motor speed so that it is not overloaded.